SarahSpiritual Sessions



In a Spiritual Psychic Reading with SarahSpiritual, she connects Amazingly! to Spirit and gathers information for your highest good. Many of the following topics are covered: relationships, career, finances, health and more. Watch or listen to SarahSpiritual, as she broadcasts live Wednesdays 6 to 8 PM ET on WWNN 1470 AM, 95.3 FM & 96.9 FM. Call 888 565 1470  Watch Live on and

Spiritual Mists

Reversing Mist


SarahSpiritual brings you protection from low-vibration energies with her hand blended Reversing Mist!

Gift Card

E-Gift Cards

$25.00 - $150.00

Expedito Enlightenment Center E-Gift Cards make a Wonderful gift for yourself, family or friends. Whether it's someone's Birthday, the Holidays, or you just want to show someone you care. Purchase a E-Gift Card for a session with SarahSpiritual or any of Sarah's very own amazing line of products. Choose one of many Templates to send to your friends or loved ones.


Spiritual Candles

Candles 3 Inch And 6 Inch


Here for you are SarahSpiritual's 3 inch and 6 inch candles, see the details inside for each explaination on how to use each color.

SarahSpiritual Dressed And Blessed Candles

Break And Remove Candle


Light this Break And Remove Candle to dispel low vibration energies! The break and remove 7 day candle has been designed by Sarah Spiritual to clear energy. Break through energetic blockages and low-vibration energies.

Incense, Herbs, Resins & Salts

Charcoal Incense Tablets


Charcoal Incense tablets are used to burn resins, incense, powdered herbal blends or dried herbs. Our tablets light easily, burn evenly and stay lit. Use these Charcoal Tablets with SarahSpiritual's Incense and Incense Resin Products, a necessity for any Spiritual Practitioner.

Spiritual Colognes

Florida Water Cologne


The Florida Water Cologne has a stimulating citrus and floral scented cologne and is commonly used for ritual offerings and purification. Some replace Holy water with Florida Water when blessing and cleansing a new home. Softens your face before shaving and after Shaving making you feel refreshed.

Incense, Herbs, Resins & Salts

Reversing Crystals


Spread SarahSpiritual’s Reversing Crystals in your path and ask for all negativity to be reversed.

SarahSpiritual Featured Products

Sage Clearance Mist


SarahSpiritual brings you the clearing power of sage in a mist! Use the Sage Clearance Mist to ensure you'll have a clear, protected space anywhere!

SarahSpiritual Dressed And Blessed Candles

Money 7 Day Candle


With our Money 7 Day Candle, Money Comes to You! Light this candle to remove obstacles that block your financial gain. Allow the blessings of money and abundance to come to you!

SarahSpiritual Dressed And Blessed Candles

Saint Barbara 7 Day Candle


Light the Saint Barbara 7 Day candle to request assistance from St Barbara who can offer you great inner strength, protection from enemies, those you know, and those you don't know. As well as assist you with your commitment to faith.

Divine Learning Downloads

SarahSpiritual Custom Bath


A personalized SarahSpiritual Custom Bath will bring a wonderful experience For YOU! SarahSpiritual can create a custom, personalized 3 Bottles of bath experience tailored to YOUR specific needs based on guidance from Spirit. Transform YOUR Energy with a Custom Bath experience from SarahSpiritual!