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CEO / Founder

SarahSpiritual is a spiritual coach, medium, energy healer, educator and mentor for personal enlightenment and transformation. Sarah empowers people through private and group readings, Spirit-channeled classes, extended training programs and motivational lectures. 

She is the founder and owner of the Expedito Enlightenment Center, an oasis of spiritual awakening, healing, and transformation in West Palm Beach, Florida.  The Center is honored to be a Temple of the Violet Flame of Saint Germain, symbol of forgiveness and transcendence.  A Healing Center featuring Reiki, Emissary Healing, John of God Crystal Bed and other modalities is also part of the Expedito facility.

SarahSpiritual is the creator of an extensive line of hand-crafted spiritual products including oils, baths, mists, incense and other items designed to enhance any spiritual practice.

A radio personality since 2009, SarahSpiritual has built a diverse international listening audience on her “Spiritually Speaking with Sarah” radio programs which started on Clear Channel’s WBZT 1230 AM, iHeart Radio and W4WN.com on the Intertainment Network. Sarah can be heard now on Wednesdays 6:30 – 9 PM Eastern, Heard Live Nationwide Live in South Florida on Oldies 95.3/96.9 FM & 1470AM; 95.9/106.9 FM & 103.1 HD3 Watch LIVE on Facebook/SarahSpiritual, YouTube, & SarahSpiritual.com ~ Live on iHeart Radio
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Sarah’s listeners have been touched by her Spirit-driven insight and messages of hope, becoming an extended family. The stories, challenges and breakthroughs of one caller are shared by many.  All benefit from Sarah and Spirit’s advice.

SarahSpiritual has been a featured speaker and entertainer at numerous spiritual conferences, delivering powerful lectures and moving vocal performances.

An integral part of SarahSpiritual’s mission is paying it forward to the community.  She regularly hosts complimentary celebrations at the Enlightenment Center providing food, refreshments, entertainment and live radio broadcasts.  In fact, Sarah personally trained the Expedito Family Children Singers who perform at Enlightenment Center events.  Sarah also gives freely of her singing talents by performing the National Anthem at Royal Palm Beach High School home games.

The Fox Network’s WPTV News Channel 5 correspondent Caroline Scofield featured SarahSpiritual in a nightly news segment.  Articles on Sarah have appeared in the Palm Beach Post, the Sun Sentinel, Town Crier and other media outlets.

A former Miss Westchester in the Miss America Pageant series, SarahSpiritual is professional singer, composer, musician and comedienne who honed her skills on the New York City club and theater circuits.

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