A list of SarahSpiritual Featured Products that showcase items that impact your everyday life. Work, home and even Certain Phases of the moon affect us!

Spiritual Colognes

Florida Water Cologne


The Florida Water Cologne has a stimulating citrus and floral scented cologne and is commonly used for ritual offerings and purification. Some replace Holy water with Florida Water when blessing and cleansing a new home. Softens your face before shaving and after Shaving making you feel refreshed.

SarahSpiritual Featured Products

Sage Clearance Mist


SarahSpiritual brings you the clearing power of sage in a mist! Use the Sage Clearance Mist to ensure you'll have a clear, protected space anywhere!

SarahSpiritual Featured Products



Orphans are fragmented, unresolved aspects of ourselves created by events in our lives and then abandoned along the way. Orphans can still affect us in our day-to-day lives by manifesting as fear, doubt, unworthiness, anger and other low-vibration emotions in times of change and stress. The Soul Integration Session process makes contact with our Orphans, comforts them, and accepts them by INTEGRATING our Orphans with our larger SOUL. The end result is a fully integrated Soul ready to manifest the fulfilled life one desires!

Spiritual Crystals

Clear Quartz Rough Point


The Clear Quartz Rough Point is a crystal all should carry! Clear quartz is one of the most versatile crystals there is! It protects against negative energy, amplifies desired energies, and connects you with your higher self and beings. Clear quartz is a MUST as it is great for healing, and even strengthening your aura! Buy 3 and save!

Spiritual Crystals

Amethyst Geode Specimen


Amethyst Cracked Geode Specimen can assist in calming your thoughts, removing anger, depression, stress, frustration, hurt, jealousy, repel negative energies. Also promotes feelings of bravery, courage, perseverance, enhance creativity, passion, tranquility, calm, love, fulfillment, beauty, and inner strength. Buy 3 and save! Each Crystal piece is approximately 1 1/2 to 2 inches.

Spiritual Oils

Mercury Retrograde Oil


Use this Specially Blended Mercury Retrograde Oil to Neutralize the Effects of Mercury Retrograde. This Oil has been designed by SarahSpiritual to protect against the effects of Mercury Retrograde.

SarahSpiritual Collections

Archangel Michael Collection


SarahSpiritual's Archangel Michael Collection lets you Invoke Archangel Michael for Divine Protection and Truth!

SarahSpiritual Featured Products

Indian Offering Mix


The Indian offering mix has been designed to connect you with your Native American Indian Spirit Guides. Sprinkle the mix in the corners of your yard to call on your guides to assist you. Use in your ceremonial or meditation practices to receive your Indian Spirit's Guidance.

SarahSpiritual Collections

Twin Flame Collection


SarahSpiritual has created a special Twin Flame Manifestation Collection to assist you in attracting your Twin Flame into YOUR life!

SarahSpiritual Collections

Divine Love Collection


Bring divine love into your life with SarahSpiritual's Love Collection!