The Expedito Enlightenment Center was born in a backyard Gazebo as just a thought, a brainstorm.  Once the thought was spoken the path was cleared.  In November 2006 our store location was selected and in early 2007 our first clients walked through our door.  The journey has been an amazing one.  We have seen people’s lives change, finances clear, court cases won, broken hearts mended and people find hope through faith.  In January 2008 we moved from our first location in the Habitat Plaza to our corner spot #129.  Our goal is to offer more products, more space, and room to educate and enlighten our clients. At The Expedito Enlightenment Center we strive to provide insight in a warm peaceful environment.  We have been referred to as a Multicultural spiritual center where like minded individual can come browse, shop, share ideas and learn.  We offer a vast selection of candles, spiritual oils, herbs, spiritual baths, spiritual sprays, bath salts, religious articles, spiritual books, statues, and crystals from around the world.

The Expedito Enlightenment Center is multi-cultural spiritual oasis fulfilling all of your spiritual needs. At the Center you can have a session with SarahSpiritual, attend spirit-channeled classes sure to enlighten and empower you or be energized by a full range of spiritual healing services. Experience SarahSpiritual’s spirit-channeled line of spiritual baths, herbal and oil blends designed just for you. Shop the Center’s extensive array of crystals, statues and multi-cultural spiritual products. Bridge the gap between you and spiritual connection!

Expedito Enlightenment Center- Our Sanctuary Of Love


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