Here are some questions that customers ask?

Question- ” I believe there may be a technical issue with the website that is affecting my order, who can i contact?”

Answer-  You can email us at [email protected] as sometimes during updating of the website errors can occur.

Question-There is so much going on in my life right now, can SarahSpiritual move the date up on my reading I scheduled or can I get in touch with her now!”

Answer- SarahSpiritual will do what she can to accommodate schedule changes that were agreed upon by both parties, normally her schedule is booked over a month or so in advance. Sarah has always tried her best to work with people to the best of her ability on Schedule changes, again it depends on her daily schedule in her work life and her private life and what time is left for her to relax.

Question- “Who do I contact If I have a Question regarding an Online Order?”

Answer- Email us at [email protected]  and we will do our best to answer your questions.

Question- “How Long before I receive my Order?”

Answer- We will do our best to make sure your order is processed and shipped as soon as possible, giving you the satisfaction you deserve.

Question- “I would like to ask a specific question on a product or Service, where can i get my answer?”

Answer- Replies to Questions on products can be done by email to [email protected]

Question- “I am new to Spirituality and need some guidance in my life, who can i turn to for the most confidential guidance possible?”

Answer- SarahSpiritual was chosen by her mentor to continue his work because he knew that she has the Energy in her being to care about everyone she works with. SarahSpiritual has for many years helped so many people feel so much better about themselves and aided them in their ongoing path to living a more enriched life.

Question- “I had an appointment with SarahSpiritual for a reading and I was contacted that it had to be rescheduled?”

Answer- Sometimes due to unfortunate circumstances these events happen as there may be something in SarahSpiritual’s life whether a sad event or some news that she cannot push aside. Sometimes major Weather in Southern Florida affects millions of people. In that case she may have to cancel your appointment and reschedule for another time, and she will do everything in her power to work with your schedule.