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Spring 2023 Spiritual Apprentice Program

April 27 @ 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM EDT

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Spring 2023 Spiritual Apprentice Program

Can you feel it?

The Vibration Shift 

It’s been awakening you slowly since 2012.

Now here we are.

We are no longer in a spiritual dress rehearsal.

It’s time for us each to step forward and live heart centered, directed by our soul.

It’s time to embrace our authenticity and our new journey.

It’s time to stand with humanity in LOVE and PEACE.

But, as you know, not everyone is ready. Some are shaking from fear, loss of control, lack, separation and suddenly not feeling connected – even to God.

All of us have had moments of uncertainty during these 3 years. All of us have questioned the illusions to find our truth.

The Universe has been holding the frequency, awaiting you, me, US to rise up. Rise up to who your souls have come to be. Rise up to your mission, purpose and REASON for this incarnation.

Your Masters, your Teachers have chosen you to hold the frequency of Divinity in your own unique way.

Each one of us holds a special place during this pivotal shift for humanity.

Embrace the alignment and the new Energetic Shift that is before you. Be open to learn how to navigate this change.

Embrace your power to still be connected to all things DIVINE.

Know how to align with your abundance, your truth, and how to be on the path of the fulfillment of your soul’s contract.

Stay in the flow while the world is recalibrating and be in PEACE and JOY knowing all is well.

You are protected and guided by the highest of beings who have been waiting CENTURIES for this shift and waiting for you to claim your instructions as a LIGHT BEING.

The chattering within the world has gotten louder, as if it’s trying to drown out the Universe.

You’ve been here before in lifetimes past and YOU are a part of the RESOLUTION.

LOVE negates FEAR.

LOVE and the energy of the Divine will prevail.

These world events are the catalyst for your change.

Your Higher Self will rise to understand that we are

ALL the expression of God in motion.

I am appreciative of the opportunity to share our Spring 2023 Spiritual Presence Apprentice Program™ with you so we may navigate this change together.

Will you join me starting Thursday, April 27th for this POWERFUL six-week Spiritual Presence soul journey?

Come join with me, with the Ascended Masters and receive the pearls of wisdom your soul has been waiting for you to remember.

TOGETHER we stand in LIGHT

TOGETHER we stand in PEACE

TOGETHER we stand in LOVE

Yours in Service, Love and Light,



The Spring 2023 Spiritual Presence Apprentice Program™ is designed to assist you on your path. It is a safe container for self-realization, acceptance, emotional and spiritual expansion and deepening your relationship with your Creator. 

This Spring 2023 Program will include these features:

12 hours of LIVE group training with me over 6 sessions

The ability to WATCH the class in the video replay. Not available on the day of the class? Not a problem! WATCH the REPLAY.

Program training materials and exercises 


SarahSpiritual will teach the Program LIVE at the Expedito Enlightenment Center! Plus, we’ll be streaming the class video LIVE online with FULL audience participation. Ask questions, make comments and more! 

Worried about missing a class?

You’ll have full access to class video replay and materials for any class you miss. And you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions.

I’m so honored and excited to be guiding you on your journey!

Yours in Service, Love and Light,




Spring 2023 Spiritual Presence Apprentice Program™

Class Dates and Descriptions

Session 1: Illusions & Conditions – Ego & the Soul

Ego and the Soul

Thurs., April 27; 7:30 – 9:30 PM

Where Is the Balance?

The life experience requires balance between the Soul, knowing all your expansive potential, and the Personality – Ego – formed by generational patterns, conditions and unique experiences.  

Let’s take a deep dive into the foggy energies of illusion and explore YOUR unique blueprint, Soul Potential and embrace your Personality, which, like your DNA, is a major differentiator as to who you came to BE.

Learn to harness the power of your positive and negative experiences which have formed who you have become and awaken the journey of your Soul Being.

One must first understand the Self so that one may truly transform.

Session 2: Masters & the Paths
Ascended Masters

Thurs., May 4; 7:30 – 9:30 PM

Ascended Masters are high-vibrational, enlightened Beings of love and light. They were once human, like all of us, but paid off their karmic debt, fulfilled their earthly mission and mastered ascension.

In this Session…

Learn to Be Light and create Light in daily life.

Learn how to work with Divine forces and the Master teachers of many paths. 

We each have Master teachers prompting us on our Spiritual Journey.

We each have a role. Understand your role in this powerful paradigm shift for all of humanity.

Learn the purpose of the Masters in your life, their Teachings, and the key to incorporating their disciplines in your Spiritual Practices.

You are here by choice to Ascend, Expand Consciousness and Master your Energy.

Learn to work with the Ascended Master teachers as they usher you into this NEW AGE.

We will be working with the teachings of the I AM Discourses & channeled information to the group

Session 3: Message Receptivity

Angel on Phone

Thurs., May 11; 7:30 – 9:30 PM

Become a pure expression of connection through intuitive messages and automatic writing.

In this session…

Direct connection and energy exchange with the Angelic Realm and the Ascended Masters are essential to spiritual growth. You’ll learn to clear energy blockages and forge a strong connection to YOUR Source.

Sarah will teach you ways “your spirits” communicate and how to raise your frequency to receive evidential information. 

Sarah will show you how to open your energy, receive clear messages and awaken your channeling abilities with automatic writing. 

Each participant will be able to write and share a message with us all.

Session 4: Soul Healers Mastering Healing Energy

Archangel Michael Blue Flame Sword

Thurs., May 18; 7:30 – 9:30 PM

Self-Loving and Self-Healing are KEY to achieving fulfilled living, harmonious existence and a Divine loving partnership.  

This segment will work with the 4 Archangels to clear wounds, shift Energy for physical and health alignment and return to the wholeness of you and Oneness with Divinity.

Healing is based on a flow of Energy. Energy is Everything & in this SPECTACULAR workshop day we will learn to focus Energy to heal, physically and emotionally, ourselves and others with the Divine Rays of Universal Healing.  This unique Healing modality utilizes our Archangel Michael Crystal Grid. 

In this session we will…

Become a portal for the healing energetic flow of the Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning and Sacred Fire.

Learn to use this Energy to intensify your own energy to heal yourself and others.

Activate your connection to this spectacular divine energetic flow and awaken the magnificence of miracles!

Learn ways to use the Crystal Grid, its power and learn symbols for connecting to the Divine Healing Light Energy.

Learn how to be a Keeper of the light and this Energetic Grid 

Understand how Archangel Michael’s Cosmic Grid can shift Energy to heal and return individuals and the World to Unconditional Love.

We will be connecting with our Crystal Energy Grid & working with Archangel Michael

Session 5: Pillars of Light: Connect, Direct and Anchor

Pillar of Light

Thurs., May 25; 7:30 – 9:30 PM

You can shift ANYTHING regardless of the appearance or Illusions.

In this session we will…

Learn to access your Inner Knowing and Inner Light 

Access the energy of Archangel Michael, harness the Force of the Angels, the Masters and work with our DIVINE PRESENCE ENERGY for purification. 

Jointly with Archangel Michael to Anchor the Pillar of Light, the Torch of Energy upon the planet.  

Learn to transmute and transform the energy around you and send the light pillars out to transform and shift personal, local, national and international vibrations for the highest good.

Command Divine Love and its rays to infuse the world with the harmonic frequencies which lead us back to our Source.

Understand and learn to apply the Universal Laws of Divine Light, Divine Love, Divine Justice and Divine Healing to shift the Energy within your own life and transmute the Energy across the planet.

The Age of Transformation is upon us: Be the Light Bearer you’ve come to be!

SarahSpiritual will channel Messages from the Angels and Masters to the group and each participant will receive a personal channeled message. 

And REMEMBER: Within another’s message is an answer to a question in your own heart or experience.

Session 6: Mission Possible: OPERATION LIGHT 

The Violet Flame

Thurs., June 1; 7:30 – 9:30 PM

In a world filled with impossibilities make your desires possible.

“There’s a Light in the Center” 

The Violet Ray was bestowed upon our Center in 2009 during a channeling of St. Germain – the Ascended Master of the Violet Ray of Transformation, the Master of the Age of Aquarius.

In this session Sarah discusses how to…

Work with the Violet Ray 

Align with your Mission, understand your Soul’s Contract and make all things possible.

Work with your Guides to access information for this powerful time of Soul Recognition and your reason for BEing upon the planet.

Understand your role in the World: your Purpose, WHY you reincarnated to be present during this tremendous time of change in the World. Come to know WHY you were called in your soul to be a part of the Expedito Enlightenment Center’s Journey and feel the call to action to share in the class experience. There are no coincidences.

Understand your lessons, your past history with St. Germain, Lemuria and the lost Atlantis.

Learn how to use the Energy of the Violet Ray to heal hurt, release old karmic relationships, and identify and heal patterns.

Learn to delve deeper to a purer clarity and trust your Soul Connection to open doors to infinite possibilities. 

When you are aligned with your Mission you make all things possible.


 A program this intense requires advance planning tailored to the students who will be attending. Please let us know you’re interested by clicking the “I’m Interested!” link below!



Single and Multiple Payment Plans Available



Spring 2023 Spiritual Presence Apprentice Program

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1 Installment of only $244

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Spring 2023 Spiritual Presence Apprentice Program Installment Plan

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Second installment automatically paid 2 weeks after first installment

Thank You for Your Participation!


Please note: Tuition is non-refundable but is transferable.

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