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This note was sent to the Radio station manager 

Hello Ms Mibaum,

I’m a 57-year-old Radio Enthusiastic from Central Finland. I have my DX equipment in Keuruu, Central Finland. I use two Perseus SDR-receivers and three antennas, around 950 yards pointing towards North America (from coast to coast, 310/335/355 degrees from my location). I’ve been listening foreign radio stations since early 80’s, but during this year reactivated. This AM-season has really started and I’m thrilled to hear new AM stations. Happy to hear your station for the first time. Last season I had a short beverage, not having possibilities to hear You!

Reception report:

Date: September 28, 2021

Time: 3.37 pm, Your Local time

Frequency: 1470 kHz

Please find enclosed mp3-file, ID in 0:12 sec

“We look forward to hearing from you, right here on WWNN 14-70 AM, 95 3 FM..”

Signal was quite strong with some interference from atmosphere. Distance 5084 miles!

I hope you have time to listen this audio clip and if You can’t get it opened, please inform me! If You find this report correct, I would appreciate if You could verify that this really was Your broadcast!

Keep up the good and important work, you are doing! I love AM-DX!

Best Regards


We have gathered some Media clips from SarahSpiritual’s long time running show “Spiritually Speaking with Sarah.” If your not familiar with SarahSpiritual, Listening to the Audio Files you can hear how passionate she is in doing Spiritual work. Listen to SarahSpiritual on WWNN Radio as she makes a difference for those who call in to the show, along with fielding questions on Facebook live and Youtube live. 

SarahSpiritual uses her mediumship abilities to connect Sarah in NY with her mother who’s passed on to the other side. Sarah’s mother provides strong evidence through SarahSpiritual!

SarahSpiritual connects with Nate in PA , he is in a transitional period, separating from a relationship. He says he is a “natural born skeptic” but is open minded. Sarah pin points a few specific life events that have led him to today, and gives him inspiration in letting go of this relationship to move forward in his own life. Nate’s mind is BLOWN when Sarah completes his message from spirit.

SarahSpiritual connects with Lori who really likes a person she met but she is not sure if the feelings are mutual? Listen as SarahSpiritual connects with Spirit for the caller who then confirms certain aspects of the other person. Sarah then connects about Lori herself, who is surprised that she could know details about hurts that stem all the way back to her childhood. Lori gains knowledge and insight from SarahSpiritual that will assist her in creating future healthy and positive relationships.

Spiritually Speaking with Sarah® has been live on-air since 2009, delivering Spirit-driven insight & messages of hope. SarahSpiritual’s shows are ALL ABOUT YOU: Your calls, questions, and thoughts. Your connection with Spirit, your spiritual growth, personal transformation and ascension. SarahSpiritual invites you to become part of her listening family. Call and speak with Sarah and Spirit!

For over 13 + YEARS SarahSpiritual has provided Thousands of hours of LIVE RADIO on Wednesday nights to date totaling over 631 shows from her heart and soul. Our expanded mission is to be heard live in as many cities and states possible to create a bigger shift. If Sarah’s wisdom, guidance, love and/or services, be it on the radio, at the Center or throughout the community have made an impact on your life or of your family’s, we would appreciate your support as we strive to maintain our radio show quality, accessibility and our future expansion.

Kindly donate any amount from your heart in support of Sarah’s mission to spread Love and shift the consciousness of mankind. Every donation, no matter the size, will contribute to making a difference in someone’s life. It’s a wonderful way of “Paying It Forward” and showing your appreciation for SarahSpiritual. Thank you in advance for your consideration.