Spiritual Mists

Violet Ray Mist


Invoke the Violet Ray for Transformation! Use the Violet Ray Mist to ensure you maintain a high-vibration environment around you wherever you may be!

SarahSpiritual Collections

Violet Ray Collection


The Violet Ray of St. Germain is the Ray of change, transformation and transmutation. It is the tool of the alchemy of self-transformation acting by transmuting negative energy into positive, eliminating all that no longer serves you higher good. Try our Violet Ray Collection for Transformation!

Spiritual Baths

Violet Ray Bath


Invoke the Violet Ray for Transformation with SarahSpiritual's hand blended Violet Ray Bath.

Spiritual Oils

Violet Ray Oil


Invoke the Violet Ray of St. Germain for Transformation, with Sarah's Violet Ray Oil. Transmuting Energy and Resolving Karmic Entanglements.