Spiritual Candles

Candles 3 Inch And 6 Inch


Here for you are SarahSpiritual's 3 inch and 6 inch candles, see the details inside for each explaination on how to use each color.

Spiritual Mists

Reversing Mist


SarahSpiritual brings you protection from low-vibration energies with her hand blended Reversing Mist!

Spiritual Colognes

Florida Water Cologne


The Florida Water Cologne has a stimulating citrus and floral scented cologne and is commonly used for ritual offerings and purification. Some replace Holy water with Florida Water when blessing and cleansing a new home. Softens your face before shaving and after Shaving making you feel refreshed.

Incense, Herbs, Resins & Salts

Copal Incense Resin


Copal Incense Resin is one of the strongest incenses that can be used in cleansing, purification and consecrating.

SarahSpiritual Custom Baths

SarahSpiritual Custom Bath


A personalized SarahSpiritual Custom Bath will bring a wonderful experience For YOU! SarahSpiritual can create a custom, personalized 3 Bottles of bath experience tailored to YOUR specific needs based on guidance from Spirit. Transform YOUR Energy with a Custom Bath experience from SarahSpiritual!

Incense, Herbs, Resins & Salts

Reversing Crystals


Spread SarahSpiritual’s Reversing Crystals in your path and ask for all negativity to be reversed.

SarahSpiritual Dressed And Blessed Candles

Archangel Raphael Candle


Invoke Archangel Raphael for Divine Healing and Grace, This candle has been been pre-dressed and blessed by SarahSpiritual.

Incense, Herbs, Resins & Salts

Charcoal Incense Tablets


Charcoal Incense tablets are used to burn resins, incense, powdered herbal blends or dried herbs. Our tablets light easily, burn evenly and stay lit. Use these Charcoal Tablets with SarahSpiritual's Incense and Incense Resin Products, a necessity for any Spiritual Practitioner.

Spiritual Mists

Archangel Michael Mist


Invoke Archangel Michael for Divine Protection and Truth with our Archangel Michael Mist!

Incense, Herbs, Resins & Salts

Rose Of Jericho Herbs


The Rose of Jericho is used in many medical, therapeutic, and religious practices. The traces of its usage in helping humanity meet with the ancient formulas of childbirth, women’s health issues, and bringing good luck in the home.

SarahSpiritual Dressed And Blessed Candles

Saint Expedito Candle


Saint Expedito is the patron saint of obtaining fast solutions to urgent causes, especially in finances, legal cases, healing and love. Call on St. Expedito when you need a problem resolved quickly!

Spiritual Oils

Money Oil


SarahSpiritual brings you her Money Oil! The 1/2 Oz bottle is convenient for use at home and on the go!