Expedito Enlightenment Center E-Gift Cards:

E-Gift Cards make wonderful gifts for yourself, family, friends or anyone you care about. Whether it’s someone’s Birthday, the Holidays, or any time of the year, purchases can be made in our Online shop with the E-Gift Card. Purchase a session with SarahSpiritual or any of Sarah’s own amazing line of Spiritual tested products. The Expedito Enlightenment Center E-Gift Cards make it easier than ever to send your gift! You can send your E-Gift card to anyone by email today, choose from a design and amount for the card, enter a message, and even send on a later date.

Personalized Gift Certificates: Merchants can create customized gift cards that allow customers to upload images of their own choice as well as a message on the gift certificates.

Schedule Gift Card Delivery: You can schedule the date to email your gift card to your loved ones or friends on their special days.

Automated Balance Updates: Sends Email notification updates to the user about their current coupon credits available after every use of that gift card.

Customizable Gift Cards: Shoppers can customize the gift cards by selecting a predefined image or uploading one of their own choices. You can also add the message, set a scheduled date for Gift Card delivery.

Expiration Date: E-Gift Cards will expire 365 days from the date of Purchase.

Purchase Amount Per Transaction: Customer can spend a small amount and use it again for another day or use up the whole card amount during one transaction.


3 Examples of E-Gift Cards

gift for you image 1
top gift card
gift card bottom